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A budget is an essential tool for any household to manage money effectively. At it's simplest, it lets you know what you can spend money on and what you can't. eBudget is a smart, digital companion that is always ready to help you create the most effective budget for you or your family... and more importantly, to stick to it. It is designed for individuals and families to help them keep control of their finances and reduce financial stress. eBudget uses your computer or smart phone to do the number crunching work, so you can always know exactely what you can spend, where it is coming from, and not have to worry about paying the bills on time. In fact, once you've set it up, you can forget about the bills, and let eBudget worry about them.

Built for Everyday Use

Flexible Setup

Put in your income(s), your expected bills, how much you spend on groceries, petrol and fun. eBudget will do the hard work and figure out how much to put aside for bills, how much to cover petrol and groceries, and leave money for fun. If you have over budgeted, then it will let you know, if you have money to spare, then you can save it for a rainy day, or allocate it elsewhere in the budget. It is friendly to step you through setting it up, but it is flexible to fit your situation and to work if a way that you are most comfortable budgeting. (Demos on a few different setups. An overview of upcoming bills, etc)

Family Sharing

eBudget allows you to share your budget with 1 or more family members, so you can both stay on the same page. Everything is automatically kept up to date. This requires an internet connection, but it only uses a tiny amount of data. Everything is encrypted on your phone before it is sent, so only people who you have shared your budget with can see it, nobody else can, not even us. Tip: If you are on holidays without internet - do all your budgeting on one device. eBudget will automatically update the other devices once you have reconnected. (Demo of syncing between 2 phones - may need to tweak sync interval, don't want to use server sync - guess I can, but do it as temporary...)

Coming Soon

Still being developed, some features planned and coming soon...

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